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Dublin, Ireland, Release, February 10, 2020 FutureRange Ltd., today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Michael Rooney as Managing Director and a member of the Board of Directors…

It’s common for organisations using cloud services to have a false sense of security about their files always being available no matter what.  While cloud service providers do typically use…

Why this series? My son was watching me write up a document last night, struggling over how to structure a sentence. ‘Business is basically one big thesaurus competition, isn’t it?’…

It’s almost hard to imagine the days when you could only access your applications from a single workstation at your office.  Cloud services, like Office 365, have completely changed the way…

Just about every business these days understands how vital their technology infrastructure is and that it’s not something you want left unmanaged. Tech is so ingrained in every business process,…

What is “Democratization of Expertise” and Why Is this Technology Trend One to Watch?

When you look at technology trends for 2020, you’ll see mention of things like hyper-automation, AI, and augmented reality (AR), but one of the less familiar terms you’ll see alongside them is “democratization of expertise.”

5 Top Cybersecurity Threats Your Business Needs to Be Aware of for 2020

One constant when it comes to cybersecurity is that the threat landscape continually evolves. It also seems that no matter how old a particular tactic is, you’ll find those that work still being used along with newer, more advanced threats.

.NET 5 is Coming to Azure in 2020 Along with Exciting New Capabilities

Some cloud computing updates are forward facing, and you can see the updates immediately in your workflow. Such as the recent addition of a super search bar in Windows 10.

For most businesses, technology spending has risen steady over the past few years. As IT security needs and technology automation become more paramount to a company’s current and future health and wellbeing, IT spending has become a larger part of their overall expenditures.

Windows Virtual Desktop Represents the Next Technology Transformation for Offices (Work Better!)

It seems only a short time ago the most advanced technology in an office was email, which quickly replaced the need to send faxes. Technology evolves at a rapid pace and companies that don’t adapt are left behind their competitors.

Gain Full Control of Your Corporate Logins with Citrix NetScaler nFactor

One of the biggest issues that companies face in today’s world is protection of their data. Most information these days is saved in digital format, which means all that’s protecting it is a single person’s login credentials.

Are You Backing Up Your Office 365 & SharePoint Data? Here’s Why It’s Critical That You Do

It’s easy to fall under the assumption that Microsoft is handling the backup of all your SharePoint and other Office 365 data. Afterall, they do offer some data loss prevention and other protections in their cloud-based solutions, but you shouldn’t be relying on those instead of a proper backup.

7 Excellent Ways that Microsoft Teams Can Improve Office Communication & Increase EfficiencyLack of communication is a common reason cited for workplace inefficiencies. When everyone isn’t connected and on the same page, it can mean that mistakes happen and workflows are stalled due to a gap in communication between staff members.

Microsoft System Center vs Altaro: Finding Your Company's Best Back Up Strategy

Data backups are one of the most important aspects of any company’s technology infrastructure. Data loss costs companies millions each year and can be devastating to their growth.

How is WPA3 in Wi-Fi 6 Going to Increase Wireless Network Security?Two trends in internet connectivity are about to significantly improve wireless communications and they have to do with faster speeds and better security in 2019. One is the upcoming 5G that mobile carriers have already begun rolling out and the other is Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of wireless network technology.

GDPR Compliance in 5 Comprehensive Steps that Protect Your Company from Data BreachesThe EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) caused a flurry of privacy policy update emails to be generated when it first went into effect on May 25, 2018. But beyond the consumer transparency of this data protection regulation, it also includes requirements that can help your company stay protected from data breaches.

How Can My Business Store Data Affordably with a Simple Storage Area Network Solution?The technology infrastructure of a small or medium-sized business (SMB) has become a vital component of their success no matter what industry they’re in. It powers the flow of data and communication to and from all areas of a company.

Work More Efficiently on Physical and Virtual Desktops with Adaptive Workspace Management

A digital transformation has been happening in offices around the world to keep up with the growing need for technology to be more efficient, fluid, and adaptive. We’re seeing an uncoupling of a person’s “workspace” from a single physical computer to instead having it cloud-hosted and tied to the user login.

Secure Your Logins: The Native Two-Factor Authentication Capability of Citrix NetScalerMost important corporate data is in digital format rather than paper these days, and instead of being locked in filing cabinet, it’s secured behind passwords. We use passwords to get into accounting programs, bank accounts, customer account files, and just about everything else.