Disruptive, forward-thinking, secure: our partnership with Cato Networks

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At Future Range we’re always looking for new technologies that are disrupting and shaping cybersecurity, digital transformation, and the wider IT industry.

The latest technology we’re following closely is SASE, an emerging cybersecurity and networking concept that is providing the security, access control, speed, and scalability that legacy networks and technologies lack.


The background

Over the past two years we’ve been trying to identify products in the networking and SASE space that will give our customers the edge.

At FutureRange, we cater to a wide range of customers, including smaller managed service customers, as well as larger government bodies and law firms. Our focus is on products that are well-suited for both the SMB market and the enterprise/government market.

Through conversations with our customers, we have discovered that as broadband speeds continue to increase, businesses are increasingly shifting their legacy applications to SaaS platforms and adopting remote working arrangements. This shift has led to a growing demand for secure and fast networking and cybersecurity products, such as SSL VPNs.

Our customers now want to see what’s going on in the tunnel, they want deep packet inspection, exceptional service quality, and best-in-class security. This is where Cato comes in.


Built for the modern workforce

Cato has taken a unique approach to SASE, building its platform from the ground up as a cloud service. Unlike many organisations that piece together multiple technologies, such as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) or Secure Web Gateway (SWG), to create their SASE model, Cato is a true SASE platform through and through. Its unified and comprehensive architecture sets it apart from other approximated SASE models.

Cato provides its users with a single pane-of-glass to view and manage all security and networking. Cato has a global private backbone, with over 75 global points of presence (PoPs), and they’re trusted by large and established enterprises worldwide.

This is distinctly beneficial for modern and mobile methods of working. Many companies now operate entirely remotely, and some have never had an office at all. Small startups might want to scale up their operations quickly, from 5 or 10 employees one year to 150 the next – but without a physical office. Cato fits well with all these dispersed, scalable, virtual ways of working because it is built specifically for the modern workforce.

Businesses recognise the benefits of digital transformation and are on the lookout for novel ways to future-proof themselves and to keep their operations agile, flexible, and scalable. Many customers we speak to are looking to phase out their hardware refreshes altogether, opting for cloud-native alternatives that effectively work as evergreen solutions. Cato provides this.


Minimising risk

There are many risks inherent in legacy VPNs. They work well when you’re connected and protected, but they don’t always auto-start and can open up risks when you’re working while on the same network as your kids at home or connected to an insecure public network. In these scenarios there’s no admin control. And once you turn your VPN off there’s potential cross-contamination. All those security concerns go away with Cato. No matter where you are, if that’s on a home network or public WiFi, you’re secured. The controls that your company puts in place follow you wherever you go.

Forward-thinking companies want the best-of-breed technologies. These are the companies we’re working with, and they see the opportunity in Cato as a disruptive, innovative SASE leader. We see this opportunity too.


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