What is SASE & How Does it Promise to Future-Proof your Network?

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We hope you had a chance to read our recent blog around our partnership with Cato Networks and the many benefits that a SASE solution can bring to your organisation.

At FutureRange we’re always looking for new technologies that are disrupting and shaping cybersecurity, digital transformation, and the wider IT industry. The latest technology we’re following closely is SASE, an emerging cybersecurity and networking concept that is providing the security, access control, speed, and scalability that legacy networks and technologies lack.

When Gartner published “The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud” in 2019 they did two things. First, they accurately identified and described where enterprise network and security architectures were headed in the next decade. Second, to describe this new approach they created one of the biggest IT buzzwords of the time: SASE short for “Secure Access Service Edge”.

Gartner believes that by converging all networking and security functions into a global cloud-native service, SASE will be the ‘secure network of the future’ that will bring a ‘transformative’ benefit to IT. But what exactly is SASE, when should it be used and more importantly is? it living up to its bold claims of cost-effective security, agility, and flexibility?

For a deep dive on SASE, and the benefits, check out Cato’s eBook: The Network for the Digital Business Starts with the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

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