Cyber Security Compliance Helping you adhere to rules and standards that help keep your business safe

Cyber Security Compliance

Security Audits and Risk Assessments

Simply put, your business needs a security audit to determine your risk profile. The leading security audits and risk assessments undertaken by our large team of cybersecurity experts are essential for discovering any risks your business may be under threat from. This allows us to then define appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your business, budget and objectives.

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Ransomware Prevention

As cybercrime continues to get more sophisticated, there is a good chance that your business will come under attack from ransomware at some stage. If successful, it can have a devastating effect. The best strategy, is prevention. Thankfully, our cybersecurity experts are also highly sophisticated. From people training, to powerful technology, they have the tools and talent to provide protection at the right level and type for your business and its needs.

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Security Awareness Training

Unfortunately, human nature is one of the biggest threats to your business. Employees often fall victim to simple but powerful psychological manipulations that can trick them into making severe security mistakes or giving away sensitive information. Our highly-experienced cybersecurity specialists run awareness campaigns with your people to train them how to identify threats and mitigate the risk of them.

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Data Protection

Many of the ransomware attacks your business could face will target your backups. Our highly-experienced cybersecurity team employee zero trust data management. This ensures no user, application or device is trusted, so it can never be modified, encrypted or deleted by ransomware. Instead, they simply ‘whitelist’ specific applications that are safe. As a ThreatLocker gold partner, we can give your business their ‘gold standard protection’ from malware, viruses and ransomware.

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Case Studies

Get a taste for what we do

Whatever we’re working on, we’re known for going the extra mile to find solutions for our client partners. It’s how we’ve been continuously collaborating with some of them for over 20 years. Here, you can get an idea of what we do, how we do it and why we’re doing it for some of the biggest names in business.

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Centralised, robust and resilient desktop solution
Accounting & Advisory
Unrivalled flexibility of workplace agility
Highest level of information security
Working with FutureRange

Why you should invest in Security with us

Any business that uses technology needs to invest in security to protect that technology and the business itself. Our vast experience over the last two decades gives us a unique understanding of the treat landscape. We have a dedicated team of experts in-house, as well as access to a large pool of leading security experts around the world. We continually update our knowledge to ensure we provide the most up-to-date solutions to protect your business.

  • All our technical staff have advanced security training
  • We’re constantly investing in our security team
  • We partner with leading global security providers like Barracuda Skout, Usecure, Systancia and Palo Alto
  • We’ve a large team of highly-specialised experts
  • We’ve local offices in Dublin, Limerick and Cork
  • Our expertise allows you to achieve excellence
  • We’re synonymous with trust, efficiency and value for money

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Other Services

Managed Services

If you need to look after your core business needs, then you can leave us to look after all your ICT operations and management.

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Digital Transformation

Work environments have always evolved at a glacial pace. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed everything that is required of the modern workplace, almost all at once.The ability to call, chat and collaborate from multiple places on multiple devices, is now a must.

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Your Security Team

Client Relationship Manager

Fiona Morgan

Whether she’s onboarding new customers or managing existing clients, Fiona is a multi-skilled Microsoft Relationship Manager & Renewals Account Manager who brings more than a decade of experience to this crucial role.

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Service Manager

Noel Neylon

Responsible for managing the technical staff in our Limerick office, Noel bring overs 30 years of experience. He is regularly to be found at the coalface with our clients reviewing their IT requirements, carrying out IT audits, managing projects and monitoring helpdesk queues to ensure issues are responded to in a timely manner.


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