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Partnership Model

Enhance Your Firm’s Value with Cybersecurity Solutions

Elevate your firm’s offerings and open new revenue streams by integrating our white-labelled partnership cybersecurity solution. Protect your clients’ sensitive data while positioning your firm as a forward-thinking leader in cybersecurity readiness.

Partnership Model

Our expertise extends beyond security; we understand cybersecurity and professional services and can practically help enhance your firms’ value proposition, open new revenue channels, and solidify client relationships.

Our Solutions

1. Cybersecurity for Your Firm

Our tailored cybersecurity solutions ensure your firm is comprehensively protected against digital threats. We specialise in creating a secure environment for your operations, leveraging our expertise to shield you from potential risks. This proactive approach to cybersecurity not only fortifies your firm’s defences but also sets a foundation for trust and reliability in your services.

2. White-Labelled Cybersecurity for Your Clients

With our white-labelled cybersecurity solutions, you can extend this high level of protection directly to your clients under your brand. This unique offering allows you to enhance client engagement and retention by providing them with essential cybersecurity services. It opens up new revenue channels without hiring a specialised technical team, all while establishing your firm as a trusted, comprehensive provider of professional services and security solutions.

Our services are designed with the specific needs of professional services firms in mind, ensuring that both your firm and your clients benefit from proven, effective cybersecurity measures.

Working with FutureRange

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HLB Ireland Case Study

Begin with our detailed cybersecurity assessment to understand where your firm stands and how our solutions can protect you and position you as a market leader in data protection and client trust.

• Cyber solutions opportunities

• Audit

• Due diligence

• General offering in all proposals

• Under attack – what to do in an Emergency

• Training – first line of defence

• Consultation services

• Other services – dark web monitoring, etc.

Assisting you with Client Engagement

A market development toolkit designed to support the strategic plan for promoting a white-label cyber security solution in your firm.

In addition to supporting your firm, we will put in place robust project management resources to deliver service for your clients once engaged and to ensure your teams are fully aware of the status of the assignments and have clarity on overall performance.

This exercise falls into 3 key areas:

  1. Activation – service information, training and understanding triggers or opportunities for these conversations.
  2. Awareness – marketing material to build a profile and familiarity with Cyber internally and externally.
  3. PMO – Project status sharing with your firm, clarity on responsibilities and performance metrics.
Partnership Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for answers? Our FAQ section addresses common questions about leveraging cybersecurity for growth, enhancing client services, and the implementation process, helping you make informed decisions for your firm.

Other Services

Managed Services

If you need to look after your core business needs, then you can leave us to look after all your ICT operations and management.

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Digital Transformation

Work environments have always evolved at a glacial pace. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed everything that is required of the modern workplace, almost all at once.The ability to call, chat and collaborate from multiple places on multiple devices, is now a must.

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Danny McEntee

With over two decades of expertise in cloud computing, application development, and business operations, Danny is dedicated to driving strategic growth and enhancing our market standing by focusing on several key domestic and international industry sectors.


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