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At FutureRange, we specialise in fortifying the cyber resilience of your organisation. As board directors in Ireland, you hold critical responsibilities under national and EU regulations to safeguard your organisation’s digital assets. We are here to guide and support you through every step of this vital governance journey.

Directors Training

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are evolving with increasing sophistication, making robust cyber security governance not just advisable but essential. As a board director, your role encompasses:

  • Strategic Oversight: Ensuring that cyber security strategies align with the broader goals of your organisation.
  • Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber risks that your organisation faces.
  • Compliance Adherence: Staying updated with relevant laws and regulations to ensure compliance and avoid significant penalties.

Cyber Security Responsibilities
for Board Directors

A primary challenge for Directors in addressing cyber security concerns involves formulating the right questions to pose to their executive teams and advisors. It is crucial for them to not only ask pertinent questions but also to foster an environment where seeking specialised external assistance is encouraged when necessary. This approach is vital because cyber security expertise is highly specialised and not always present within internal technology teams.

These inquiries are not merely procedural; they are fundamental to developing a profound comprehension of the potential cyber security risks and the impact these could have on the business. By thoroughly interrogating their organisation’s security posture, Directors can ensure that their cyber risk management strategies are robust and responsive to the evolving landscape of cyber threats. This proactive stance, bolstered by specialist external expertise, is essential for safeguarding the company’s assets, reputation, and success.

Working with FutureRange

Training and Support

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Tailored Training Programs:
We offer comprehensive training designed to empower board directors and senior management with the knowledge and skills to meet their cyber security obligations. Our training covers current cyber threats, regulatory requirements, and best practices in governance.

Consultancy Services:
FutureRange provides expert consultancy to help you understand and implement the requirements laid out by NIS2, DORA, and other relevant cyber security regulations. We offer risk assessment, policy development, and incident response planning tailored to the specific needs of your sector.

Audit Services:
To ensure clarity on your organisation’s current cyber security posture before taking action, FutureRange offers a detailed audit service. This enables you to identify areas of vulnerability and compliance gaps, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic implementation of necessary security measures.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement:
Our services extend beyond initial compliance; we ensure continuous monitoring and regular updates on regulatory changes and emerging threats to keep your governance practices robust and current.

Key Regulations : NIS2 Directive

As board directors, it’s critical to stay ahead of evolving cyber security regulations such as the NIS2 Directive. These upcoming changes will require a heightened level of vigilance and adaptation to meet stricter compliance and resilience standards. Ensuring that your organisation is prepared to handle these shifts in the regulatory landscape is essential for safeguarding digital assets and maintaining stakeholder trust. Stay informed and proactive to navigate these developments effectively.

To enhance the EU’s efforts to boost overall cyber resilience, the NIS2 Directive extends its reach to more sectors and introduces stricter supervisory measures. The directive mandates substantial incident response measures, stringent risk management practices, and reporting obligations that you, as board directors, must oversee. It comes into effect on 18 October 2024.

Working with FutureRange

Why Invest in Cyber Security?

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Investing in cyber security is a strategic decision that protects more than just data; it safeguards your reputation, financial stability, and compliance posture. Effective cyber security governance can prevent significant financial penalties and losses associated with data breaches and cyber-attacks. Additionally, it reinforces shareholder and customer trust, which are invaluable to your business’s success.


At FutureRange, we understand the complex, evolving nature of cyber threats and regulatory requirements. Our expertise is in transforming these challenges into robust defensive strategies for your organisation. Partner with us to fortify your cyber defences and ensure you lead with confidence in the digital age.

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Let FutureRange help you meet your cyber security governance responsibilities with clarity and precision. Reach out to us to discuss how we can tailor our services to your organisation’s needs.

By partnering with FutureRange for your cyber security needs, you ensure that your organisation complies with the stringent standards set by Irish and EU regulations, maintaining a strong foundation in corporate governance and resilience. Our comprehensive services help protect your organisation effectively, supporting you in fulfilling your governance responsibilities as a director.

This dedicated approach to cyber security safeguards your organisation’s digital assets and bolsters your overall business resilience, preparing you to effectively manage any cyber threats.

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