Citrix Remote Access

The way we work may have changed forever, use FutureRange to secure your remote access . Using Citrix Remote Access technology you can secure your environment and enhance staff productivity.


Going back to the office will be anything but back to normal

FutureRange and Citrix Remote Access can provide the right solutions to support a flexible way to work
Finding the right balance between what worked before and how offices should be structured today is going to be a big challenge.
As is the case with any project CAREFUL planning will be key


VPNs are still the most widely accepted solution for enabling remote access

VPNs, however, were never designed to address today’s complex networks, Consequently, more and more companies are looking at a way to de-risk remote working and shore up the inherent vulnerabilities within VPN’s.

FutureRange offer Citrix consultancy in the Key Core Citrix Services and Whether it’s the design and deployment of 100 or 10,000 virtual desktops, FutureRange staff have worked on some of Ireland’s largest desktop and application virtualisation projects involving the full suite of Citrix products.

If you’re planning a Citrix Virtual App & Desktop project get in touch.

FutureRange offer a full range of Modern Workplace solutions and Cloud services power by Microsoft.

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