Discover how Systancia’s PAM solution allows you to secure your company’s data and information.

For many organizations, privileged access to your information system has long been an Achilles’ heel. With their “administrator rights,” any malicious action, intentional or not, from a privileged user poses a significant risk to your entire company’s data and information.

The protection of information systems requires monitoring privileged users or deploying Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to privileged surveillance users to avoid significant cyber risks such as identity/session theft, shadow admin, or a former administrator knowing the passwords.

The recording is now available to watch

In our recent webinar on Wednesday 22nd of September Future Range and Systancia presented the major cyber risks associated with privileged access and how a PAM solution can allow you to avoid them. Through a live demo, you will see Systancia Cleanroom Session Service, the PAM as a Service solution that secures organizations’ information systems with minimal impact on human resource allocation to democratize its use and open it up to a larger number of organizations with:

  • All the classic features of PAM and much more: agentless web recording with no rebound, behavioral authentication, etc.
  • Simple and quick deployment of the solution
  • Costs spread out over time according to the actual usage
  • Automatic management of updates

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This demonstration touches on just some of the issues you need to consider when planning how to protect your company’s data and information. Want to know more about a PAM solution for your business, please contact Tom Haugh or a member of our expert team today.

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