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In this current ever-evolving digital era, a new innovative and fluid approach to security is required – the sheer quantity and complexity of threats that businesses currently face continue to grow day by day. With the ever-increasing rise and growing appetite for remote working, organisations now have to respond to an endless wave of brand-new security threats. At FutureRange, we equip our clients with the knowledge, capability, tools, and robust IT strategies that accelerate success through our collaborative approach.

Our Security Services

Managed Security

We provide companies with Managed Security Services to both protect and optimise their IT environments, ensuring a better night's sleep for all.
• Managed WAF
• Managed Firewall
• Managed SOC
• Managed SIEM
• Incident Response
• Vulnerability Management

Cyber Security Defence

We offer a range of cybersecurity defense services; our services will protect your company's data. We use a combination of intelligence capabilities to proactively scan your company's data and information.
• Pentesting
• Phishing Campaigns
• Vulnerability Renumeration
• Dark Web Monitoring

Endpoint Protect

Securing Endpoints has become increasingly important, especially with the use of multiple devices and more decentralised workforces.
We will help you enforce privileged access security and implement best practices to help ensure your company's data and information are secured.
• Zero trust Application Whitelisting
• Antivirus
• Email Protection
• Multifactor Authentication

Network Security

A poorly secured network can greatly expose your companies sensitive data and systems. Our expert engineers will conduct an overview of your IT and network infrastructure. If any potential weak points are identified, they will use a mix of hardware and virtual technology to secure your organisation against threats properly.
• Citrix SD-WAN
• Citrix secure Browser
• AI Wifi Intelligence
• Network Access Control
• Privileged Access Management
• Remote Access Security
• DDOS protection

Cyber Security Compliance

We will determine if your business's IT infrastructure is meeting the required security standards. This process may include a gap analysis inclusive of the services below. These are all fundamentally important activities for continual security improvement.
• Security Audits and risk assessments
• Security awareness training
• Data Protection
• Ransomware prevention

Daniel Garry is Director of Security here at FutureRange. He has extensive experience creating innovative security strategies for clients both at local and international levels.

Daniel Garry
Director of Security

Why you should invest in Security Solutions

In the current highly charged economic climate, where cyber threats are happening every day, with big-name victims like the HSE, Ardagh group, and Adobe, companies of all sizes now realise the value of investing in robust cybersecurity solutions. Here is why investing in your security makes sense right now:
Increased risks due to remote working
GDPR and compliance requirements
Protecting the bottom line - e.g. paying ransoms
Potential damage to your brand and reputation
Reinforcing client trust while protecting relationships
Combating productivity loss due to system disruption
Data breach and loss without a recovery solution in place

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