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7 Major Benefits of Mobile Device Management for Business Workflow & Security

The advent of mobile use at work has had several advantages for businesses. More workforce mobility, faster customer response time, and improved team collaboration and communication.

It’s now easier than ever for people to work fluidly whether they’re at their desk, working remotely or on the road. That flexibility has helped companies increase work productivity without adding to their overhead.

60% of employees use mobile apps for work-related activity and71% spend 2+ hours a week accessing company information on mobile.

While mobile device use at work definitely has its benefits it can also cause issues for organisations without a management plan in place for employee mobile devices.

At FutureRange, we help companies use smart Mobile Device Management(MDM) technology to ensure all company data that’s being accessed via a tablet or smartphone is secure, trackable, and not being accessed improperly. We work with Citrix XenMobile, one of the best enterprise mobility management tools available.

Risks of Unmanaged Mobile Use

Whether you’re using a bring your own device (BYOD) policy or issuing corporate mobile devices to employees, there are some inherent risks to increased mobile use for accessing company data.

This includes:

  • Lost or stolen devices holding corporate data/access
  • Abrupt employee departures, taking their device with them
  • Connections to unsecure Wi-Fi
  • Sharing of mobile devices holding company data with friends, family
  • Difficulty managing updates or permissions on multiple devices

A mobile device management program helps companies get the best of both worlds from mobile use at work, enjoying the flexibility and productivity benefits without the risks.

How Can My Company Benefit from MDM?

Mobile use is increasing and is incrementally taking over more of the workload from computers and laptops. Companies without good management of all those devices can easily put themselves at risk of data breaches and digital work loss.

By helping companies with MDM technology FutureRange is able to see first-hand the benefits a platform like XenMobile brings to companies inall types of industries.

Here are several of the top benefits you can experience with this mobile device management platform.

Increased Security

When your data is being accessed by multiple mobile devices across your entire organization, without MDM, you have little control over the security of those devices or if they’re being updated regularly.

MDM ensures a consistent security protocol is applied across all devices, no matter which operating system they may be using. You can enjoy end-to-end FIPS compliant mobility and a security application that doesn’t interfere with user experience.

A master administration panel allows you to grant level-based permissions or revoke access for a lost or stolen device with a mouse click. Compliance is also much easier to assure when using MDM.

Improved Workflow

A mobile device management platform allows consistency across all mobile devices and thus an improved and more streamlined workflow. MDM allows businesses to take advantage of smartphone productivity enhancements.

User experience is important and with this MDM, mobile users are empowered with a dedicated focus put on user experience and integration of enterprise apps to add to workflow efficiencies.

Faster Deployment

Trying to deploy a new application across multiple devices can be time consuming if you don’t have MDM in place. The consolidated architecture of XenMobile allows for faster application deployment and management.

Users have experienced 75% reduction in deployment time with this MDM program.

Mobile Use Reporting

Is an application that you thought would improve workflow actually causing your users to take more time to get a task completed? You might not realize that without using mobile device management which has reporting capabilities.

MDM offers valuable insights on application usage so you can streamline corporate policies, application options, and productivity.

Simplify IT Demands

Managing multiple mobile devices and the applications they contain can be very time consuming if you don’t have a central admin panel from which you can monitor and administer them all.

Using mobile device management saves time and money by simplifying the IT process and consolidating management.

Expanding Workforce Mobility

Companies that are suffering from the security concerns of trying to manage multiple mobile devices without MDM in place are less likely to want to expand their company’s mobile use and could fall behind their competitors when it comes to workforce mobility.

Companies with a handle on their mobile devices are more likely to drill down into the positive and look for more ways that mobility can help them achieve their goals and growth targets.

Enhances Business Continuity

Business continuity means ensuring your business is resilient and can recover after a disaster. A big part of that is having a reliable backup and data recovery program in place that can protect you in the event of data loss, enabling restoration of all your business data to get you back up and running quickly.

A mobile device management program allows for a fluid, secure, and all-inclusive backup and recovery strategy for employee smartphones and tablets, ensuring no matter where work product is being stored, you have a retrievable copy that’s stored safely.

Learn More About Mobile Device Management

Are employee mobile devices getting away from you? FutureRange can help with an intelligent MDM solution that provides security, better mobility, and improved productivity.

Contact us today to take a look at our mobile device management platform and learn what it can do for you. Reach us by phone at +353 1 2960 560 or online.

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