Cybersecurity is your Top Priority for 2021

Securing your digital estate is a key concern for all Business Owners. You want to make sure your IT systems are locked down tight, but at the same time allowing staff the freedom to utilise their resources.

Cybercrime started small in the 90’s with prank viruses designed by coders to show off their skills. This brought about the emergence of early anti-virus software. Since then motives and methods of attack have evolved. A significant data breach came in 2005 with the theft of 45 million credit card details from a large retailer. Since then a cascade of high-profile cybercrimes becoming increasingly more sophisticated has ensued.

Today cybersecurity is complex and there are various areas to consider:

  • Network Protection both on prem and in the Cloud
  • Secure Remote Workforce
  • Email security
  • Secure Web access
  • Identity management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Data Protection
  • Regulation and Compliance

There are many vendors offering multiple solutions and with something as serious as security it’s easy to find the task of protecting your business daunting.

From full security information and event management (SIEM) to simple Multi-Factor Authentication and email protection, FutureRange can help. We will find a cutting edge yet cost-effective solution to cover your requirements. We have access to leading security experts and a wide range of tried and tested products. Talk to us about your needs and we can put together the right suite of Cybersecurity products to keep your investments safe.

Check out some of our top vendors

Sophos    Censornet    Threatlocker    Altaro    bluedog    Zivver

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