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Citrix Mastery

FutureRange through numerous Successful Citrix Virtual APP & Desktop projects have developed a project methodology that ensures success.

A high-level view of the approach to planning the perfect Citrix project.

Citrix Plan

FutureRange have invested in the best Citrix consultants.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we deliver and the people that love doing it.

FutureRange offer Citrix consultancy in the Key Core Citrix Services and Whether it’s the design and deployment of 100 or 10,000 virtual desktops, FutureRange staff have worked on some of Ireland’s largest desktop and application virtualisation projects involving the full suite of Citrix products.

If you’re planning a Citrix Virtual App & Desktop project get in touch.

citrix solutions

CItrix Networking

From Contextual Access, SAML, NFactor Authentication, App Firewalls, Clientless VPNs, Endpoint Scanning, Content Switching to a simple ICA proxy with 2fa, FutureRange are well versed in working on all types of NetScaler projects.

A testament to our skillset, FutureRange provides Citrix support and professional services to other IT companies within Ireland and the UK.

Citrix Managed Services

Outsourcing your Citrix support allows you to gain maximum value from your investment for the lowest cost.
With FutureRange's Citrix Managed Service offering we become part of your IT team but at a significantly lower cost than hiring specialist IT staff.
We can provide staff to work with your team one or your Citrix support tickets can be logged directly with FutureRange.
Apart from the support we offer proactive service, ensuring vulnerabilities are patched immediately and management are kept abreast of the latest technology trends.

Citrix Health Check

Our health check service will enable you to gain clear visibility of the performance and configuration of your Citrix environment.
Our team will run a set of tools as well as eyeballing the configuration, It will highlight any areas of resource contention; identify potential issues, as well components that are not configured inline with Citrix Best Practices.
The end result is a valuable report for your organisation, contact us today for a free Citrix health check.