FutureRange’s success is built on the quality of its people.

We understand companies have to battle to stand out in a crowded market, we believe the FutureRange team raises us above the parapet.

Tom Haugh - Chairman

Tom is the founder and Chairman of FutureRange. If your looking for Tom at the weekend he can be found scaling a mountain with his group of close friends.

Michael Rooney - Managing Director

Michael has been working in the IT industry for 20 years both as a Technical Architect and within sales.
Michael has oversight for operations within FutureRange and strategic planning for the company.

Steve Haugh - Technical Director

Steve is our Technical Director at FutureRange. Over the years Steve has continually demonstrated technical excellence by consistently ensuring delivery of successful Citrix and Microsoft projects.
Steve has with responsibility for overseeing the running of the technical services team from the helpdesk to project delivery.