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Given the current attractiveness of legal firms as targets for cyber criminals, does your firm have the adequate controls and protocols to safeguard against such threats?

Legal sector

Cybercriminals consistently target the legal profession because it holds a wealth of sensitive client data, such as personal information, financial records, and controlled assets. As a legal professional, the reputation you have built relies heavily on your ability to safeguard the highly confidential and sensitive information entrusted to you by your clients.

However, with the rising number of attacks on legal firms, it becomes crucial to establish and maintain a secure environment within your organisation. As these attacks grow more targeted and detrimental, it is essential to take appropriate measures to protect both your firm and its clients, ensuring their safety and security.

Key Cyber Challenges in the Legal Sector

– Shortage of cyber security expertise

– Ensuring compliance requirement

– Balancing accessibility and cyber security of systems.

– Protecting the confidentiality of client data





Of Irish companies experienced a cyberattack in within the last two years


Of data breaches are caused by insiders

1.7 mil

The average cost to remediate a ransomware attack


Average number of days a ransomware incident lasts

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"FutureRange has been one of our Trusted IT partners for the last 5 years. Their approach is refreshing, with their extensive suite of Cyber Security services allied to their operational efficiency and excellent customer service, it has enabled our business to be future-ready to combat all manners of cyber attacks.

Testimonial from a Leading Law Firm