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Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR Webinar: How Hackers Hack (And how to protect your business) 

Wednesday 10th November – 14:30 pm – 15:15 pm

Cybercriminals are stealing information from hundreds of growing companies and businesses year on year. This is how professional hackers make their bread and butter. As clients become more acutely aware of this growing problem, they’re asking “What are you currently doing to protect my business?”

In response to this growing concern, FutureRange is teaming up with Barracuda Managed XDR to offer our customers a fully managed 24x7x365 Security Operation Center.

Join us on Wednesday, Nov 10th for our upcoming webinar to learn “How Hackers Hack” and how to protect your business.

We’ll be walking you through the current cyber landscape, how hackers access your network, and talking about how you can take actionable steps to get protected.

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Wednesday 22nd September 14:30 – 15:15

Systancia Webinar: Discover how Privileged Access Management allows you to secure the administration of your information system

For many organizations, privileged access to their information system has long been an Achilles’ heel. With their “administrator rights,” any malicious action, intentional or not, from a privileged user poses a significant risk to the entire information system. 

The protection of information systems requires monitoring privileged users or deploying Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to privileged surveillance users to avoid significant cyber risks such as identity/session theft, shadow admin, or a former administrator knowing the passwords. 

Webinar Agenda

  • Overview of the significant cyber risks associated with privileged access and how a PAM solution can allow you to avoid them. 
  • Business opportunities of deploying a PAM solution to manage costs and deadlines. 
  • Live demo, of Systancia Cleanroom Session Service, the PAM as a service solution that secures organisations’ information systems with minimal impact on human resources.
  • Case study of an organisation’s recent experience.

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Tuesday 7th September 14:00 – 14:45

Usecure Webinar

Usecure is the leading Human Risk Management (HRM) that calculates, reduces and monitors human cyber risk through admin-lite automation, helping businesses reduce user-related security incidents and demonstrate compliance with a number of security standards.

By analysing each users’ security knowledge gaps and crafting personalised programs, Usecure automates ongoing training that tackles their unique risk areas, and then reinforces secure behaviour through automated phishing simulations, dark web breach monitoring and simplified policy management – all from one multi-tenanted portal.

  • The Human Challenge – Why are employees a top target for cybercriminals?
  • Why HRM is the fix – How Human Risk Management (HRM) transforms your employees into your organisation’s first line of defense.
  • Usecure’s core features – uLearn, uPhish, uPolicy & uBreach.
  • Calculate your human risk today – Start understanding your employee security posture today with a free human risk report (HRR).

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Thursday 3rd June 14:00 – 15:00pm

Zivver Safe Email Demo/Threatlocker Suite overview

Come and meet two of FutureRange’s top cybersecurity vendors, Zivver and Threatlocker.

Zivver -Most email solutions focus on threat protection to keep out phishing, spam and malware, and not on
email data protection.

Zivver is different.

Catch the email mistakes we are all guilty of, send information securely, maintain control of your data with 2FA access and email recall. It’s intuitive and easy to use for both employees and guest access.

ThreatlockerProtect your business from remote access attack, malware and data theft with Threatlocker’s innovative suite of zero-trust policy driven solutions. Find out about application whitelisting, ringfencing, data storage control and protect your endpoints and servers from malicious and misused software. FutureRange highly recommends Threatlocker to take control of your cybersecurity with their cutting-edge security tools.

Come and join FutureRange, Zivver and Threatlocker and see the potential of these fantastic solutions for yourself.

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A about your cybersecurity requirements.

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Wednesday 31st March 3pm – 4pm

ControlUp End-to-End Digital Experience & Optimization Demo

Since remote working has become the norm there is a high demand for a solution to monitor, troubleshoot, provide analytics and historical insight into system performance and remote user activity.

FutureRange introduces ControlUp – the perfect solution to meet these requirements. View, manage and control your infrastructure from a single console in real-time.

A fantastic solution for monitoring your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. From keeping systems running smoothly, keeping users happy and productive, and minimizing cost to the business, ControlUp can set you up for success.

ControlUp is an end-to-end Digital Experience Monitoring & Optimization platform that allows you to see the overall health status of your entire EUC environment, end-to-end, in real-time, from any workspace and from any location.

It delivers rapid root cause analysis and remediation, as well as powerful historical views of complex IT infrastructure and works for organizations of any size, and can be used by any audience, from IT admin to help desk employee.

Come and join FutureRange and ContolUp for our live demo and see the potential for yourself.

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A about your requirements.

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Thursday 25th February 11:00 – 12:00

Accounting Firms, Close the Door on Data Leaving your Organisation.

Data leaves your office daily, is it supposed to?? Over 90% of data leaks are caused by human error and are easily preventable. It’s time to close the door to data loss. Join FutureRange and our partners for our email security and data protection workshop tailored for Accounting Firms. Learn about:

The latest cybersecurity threats and what sort of solutions you should be considering.

How to mitigate data leakage or loss with:

Zivver Safe email 

Altaro O365 Backup   

Bitdefender AV, Web Filter & Device control

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A about your requirements.

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Thursday 28th January 11:00 – 12:20

Legal Firms, Let’s Talk IT – Security & Compliance

Join FutureRange and our partners for our Compliance & Security Workshop for Legal Firms.  Cybersecurity is a leading concern in 2021 and we would like to share with you some of our preferred solutions for best practices in the areas of IT Security and Compliance. Our webinar will introduce:

Zivver Safe email – Over 90% of data leaks are caused by human error and are easily preventable. We believe Zivver’s highly encrypted email is by far the best on the market. Catch user mistakes before they happen and share confidential data with ease and peace of mind.

Sophos Intercept X and XG Firewall – With our workforce at home, it’s all about endpoint management and protecting your network. Sophos will present two of their leading-edge products that are essential in the battle to protect your digital estate.

Bluedog for M365 – Enterprise grade, 24/7 Security & Monitoring at entry-level prices. Microsoft 365 now has a multitude of security features, but they all must be configured and monitored. What happens if your data is compromised at 3am? Do you not find out until the next morning? Let bluedog be your CISO and cover it all for you.

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A about your requirements.

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Thursday 14th January 11:00 – 12:30

Credit Unions, Let’s Talk IT – Security & Compliance

Join FutureRange and our partners for our Compliance & Security Workshop for Credit Unions. Learn about:

Azure Backup and Site Recovery, a cost-effective solution from €25 per server, per month.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance features such as Identity Management, Data Protection, Endpoint management and more. Make the most of your current 365 investment.

Bluedog for M365 – Enterprise grade, 24/7 Security & Monitoring at entry-level prices.

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A about your particular requirements.

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Step into the Cloud Webinar

Thursday 12th November 11:00

Step into the Cloud Webinar – best practice, first steps for your successful journey to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Let FutureRange, Westcoast Cloud and Microsoft show you how to begin your transition to the future with cloud. Get an overview of the benefits migration will have for your enterprise. We will discuss some of the projects we have found successful for a simple, smooth cloud onboarding. Join our expert team for an open Q&A where you can ask us about your particular requirements. All attendees will receive credit of €1000 towards a migration project with FutureRange. Register now and be in with a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Go2!

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Tuesday 24th November 8:00am – 3:00pm

Renaissance Virtual Cyber Expo

Join FutureRange and hear the latest insights from industry experts on affordable world-class solutions to protect your business.

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