Management Buyout Ignites Growth Plans at FutureRange with Merger of Garry IT

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5th April 2022: Dublin, Ireland – FutureRange, a leading IT services provider based in Dublin has completed the merger of Garry IT, a Limerick-based Managed IT services business in a move that will see FutureRange create 50 jobs over the next three years and expand its range of services into cybersecurity.

The merger was completed following a recent management buyout of FutureRange, led by incoming Managing Director, Michael Rooney and Director, Mark Butler. Michael Rooney, who comes with over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, joined FutureRange in 2017 as Director of IT Services.

With 30 employees under the unified brand, FutureRange has now expanded its services to include cybersecurity with Daniel Garry, Director of Security at the helm of FutureRange’s new Cybersecurity Department. The pivot comes in recognition of the rising frequency of cyber-attacks here in Ireland and globally since 2021 and a rise in public awareness in the wake of the recent Health Service Executive ransomware attack last May.

Commenting on today’s announcement, FutureRange Managing Director Michael Rooney said:

“The acquisition of Garry IT provides additional resources for FutureRange and will enable us to scale our business as we continue to invest in leading-edge IT transformation, support and security services In a time where there’s a dearth of talent, I am particularly pleased that FutureRange are attracting top talent like Daniel Garry, who shares our vision and will head up our security division. FutureRange and Garry IT have worked together on client projects over the years and share the same ethos centred on bringing a client-first approach to everything we do. I look forward to working with the Garry IT team as we come together under the FutureRange brand to take our business forward.”

FutureRange Director of Security Daniel Garry said:

“Joining forces with FutureRange means Garry IT clients can now access additional services from our growing team of experts while continuing to benefit from the personalised and tailored services they received in the past. Our expertise and capabilities in cybersecurity has been transformational for us and now positions FutureRange to maintain its market leader status at a time when digital transformation across sectors is accelerating and putting pressure on the IT supports available to many businesses. We look forward to the challenges ahead.”

FutureRange was established in 1995 by Tom Haugh who led the business for over 27 years establishing FutureRange as one of the most widely known IT service providers in Ireland working with clients such as Conack Construction, Carechoice and Eirtrade. FutureRange provides a range of services to its existing client base across the agriculture, aviation and healthcare sectors including managed IT services, digital transformation, and cybersecurity services.

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