7 Advantages of Using a 24/7 Monitoring Solution for Cyber security

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We are long past the days when an antivirus program was sufficient for keeping networks and endpoints secure. The threats faced by organisations today are wide, varied, and sophisticated.

Some of the top threats that have been costing businesses millions of euro in downtime recently include:

> Ransomware attacks (Remediation costs average €1.75 million )

> Supply chain attacks (97% of companies have been impacted by a breach in their supply chain)

> Credential theft (Now the #1 cause of data breaches globally)

To combat the increased complexity of the threat landscape takes both 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and an automated detection and threat response system that can spring into action quickly.

One of the best extended 24/7 managed detection and response systems out there is Cortex by Palo Alto.


What Is Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR Solution?

Cortex XDR is a cybersecurity solution that can monitor and stop attacks 24/7. So, while you may be sleeping, it’s standing guard vigilantly to shut down and neutralise any threats to your network and endpoints.

This solution incorporates tactics such as:

  • Dedicated threat hunting
  • Triage
  • Investigation
  • Response

All of these tactics work together to apply a holistic approach to cybersecurity for your organisation. One that doesn’t just wait for malicious threats to be readily apparent, but instead, goes in search of them.

It’s also not just a notification tool that alerts an administrator that has to then take action. Which could be the next day or days after a long weekend. It works from pre-programmed response parameters, enhanced by dedicated experts, machine learning, and AI to respond to threats in real-time.


Business Security Advantages of a 24/7 Monitoring Solution
Boost Security Maturity

If your organisation is behind in the latest IT security tactics, such as the use of AI, then using a solution such as Cortex can boost your security maturity quickly.

69% of surveyed companies believe that without AI, they would not be able to adequately respond to cyber threats.

Cortex provides AI-infused security that gives 24/7 end-to-end coverage. It’s the whole package and includes everything from alert management to incident response in a single solution.


Protect More Than Just Your Endpoints

If you’ve been working with an endpoint detection and response (EDR) system, then that’s great for your endpoints, but what about your network and cloud data?

Today’s technology infrastructures are complex and they include a number of devices and networks located in both offices and employee homes. The cloud is also where a majority of companies store most of their data these days, making cloud security a crucial component of your overall security strategy.

Cortex by Palo Alto offers a complete solution that goes beyond EDR. It covers your entire technology ecosystem – endpoint devices, cloud data, and more.


Benefit from In-Depth Security Experience

The developers that created Cortex are experts in cybersecurity and threat detection. The application has features incorporated, such as forensic expertise for threat hunting, investigation, and response.

These capabilities go beyond simpler programs and give you the robust protection needed in today’s threat environment.


Scaleable for Any Size Security Operations

You gain a lot of advantages when using Cortex XDR, including access to best practices in alert management, threat investigation, hunting, and response. The solution is also scalable to your needs.

So, even smaller organisations can improve their security posture, then increase security coverage instantly as they continue to grow.


Cutting-Edge Integration of Tools to Stop Sophisticated Attacks

AI and machine learning are not only being used by software manufacturers to improve capabilities but they’re also being used by criminal organisations to conduct more sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Cortex XDR is the industry’s first extended detection and response platform that natively integrates the following components to stop even the most sophisticated threats.

These components include:

  • Network
  • Endpoint
  • Cloud
  • Third-party data
  • Office & Microsoft 365


24/7 Year-Round Coverage

Maintaining your own staff for continuous network security coverage is not possible for many businesses. The costs would be too high. You don’t have to when using the Cortex solution.

You get 24/7 year-round coverage of your entire security environment. This includes a trusted IT partner and expert analysts behind the scenes that manage alerts, proactively hunt threats, and respond in accordance with your security policies.


Fast Investigation and Response

If you suffer a data breach or ransomware infection, you can’t keep it from happening again unless you correctly identify the vulnerability that allowed it to occur. This type of threat investigation can be difficult if trying to do it on your own.

One of the advantages of using the Cortex XDR solution is that you instantly gain an entire team of experts that are dedicated to keeping your organisation protected. This includes experienced analytics and security experts that investigate threats and respond quickly to them before they lead to a costly downtime incident.


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