6 Reasons You Need Privileged Access Management & the Benefits of Using Systancia

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If you had to list out who in your office has at least one privileged account in a system, could you? Most business owners and managers cannot. Privileged accounts can often go unmonitored, and get assigned without any specific protocols in place to track them.

Privileged credentials are those of an administrator or account owner. Someone that can make changes in a cloud account or network system that other users cannot. For example, an admin might be able to change the security settings in the platform, add and remove users, or execute certain automation scripts.

You can imagine how valuable these accounts are to cyber criminals and why they go after them. A hacker can do a lot more damage and potentially add backdoors into an account if they breach the login of a user with privileged access.

It’s estimated that as many as 80% of data breaches are the result of compromised privileged user credentials.


Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are required if you want to keep your organisation protected from the most devastating of breaches. With compromised credentials being the #1 cause of data breaches around the world, it’s essential to track and manage these high-level accounts.

One way that FutureRange assists our clients with privileged access management is through an excellent tool called Systancia.


What Are the Benefits of Using Systancia for PAM?

The Systancia solution for privileged access management looks at all aspects of privileged access and what users can do once logged into a system. This includes detecting suspicious behavior and potential privileged account breaches.

Here are some of the benefits of using this innovative PAM solution.


Records User Sessions

How do you know if a privileged account is accessing things or taking actions that it shouldn’t be? If a vital security setting was turned off in your cloud platform, how do you know which administrator did it?

Systancia addresses those questions through the recording of privileged users’ sessions. This includes recording actions that are taken by each account and the areas of a system visited. This is recorded in video format to provide a comprehensive narrative.


Real-time Detection of Anything Suspicious

The more time that goes by after a malicious script is released in your system or another dangerous action is taken, the harder it will be to mitigate the impacts. Many hackers are smart and will release a script that remains dormant for many months before it’s activated. They do this for a few reasons:

  • To give them time to infect more systems before the company knows they’re there
  • To ensure most or all backups the company may try to restore are infected with the malicious code
  • To silently gather data for profit

The real-time detection of abnormal or suspicious behavior provided by the Systancia system, helps your company catch cyber incidents as soon as possible to ward off a more devastating attack.


Improves Password Security

The average number of logins people need to juggle is up to an astounding 100 passwords. Companies can’t reasonably expect staff to remember unique and strong passwords for all those accounts.

Systancia’s PAM solution addresses this problem by including a password vault for employees to use. This allows the secure storage of unique passwords, and a person only needs to remember a single password to access all the others.


Automated Protective Actions

Systems that alert you of problems are good, but those that can take real-time actions to stop the intrusion are much better. For example, what happens if a hacker breaches a privileged account on a weekend when no one is there to take action on an alert?

Systancia helps you stop suspicious privileged account behavior in its tracks through real-time detection AND the ability to automate protective actions that deploy as soon as malicious behavior is found.


Action Traceability

Companies need to put a lot of trust in privileged users because of the access they have to company data and systems. But if their activities are unchecked, major security issues can occur.

These happen through honest mistakes, malicious intent, and a breach of those credentials by cybercriminals.

Companies can keep tabs on account activity using Systancia because it provides user action tracing. You know exactly what actions are carried out by your administrative accounts, when they happened, and who was responsible.

This type of information is vital when a breach, data loss, or other issue is detected, and you need to uncover the cause.


Improves Compliance & Security

Using this PAM solution can significantly improve your cybersecurity, reducing the risk of a devastating account breach. It can also bolster your regulatory compliance by providing you with the auditability and traceability to help you quickly identify and stop data breaches.


Get a Demo of Systancia & See the Advantages for Yourself

Don’t leave your privileged accounts unprotected or unmonitored. FutureRange has been helping clients throughout Ireland and beyond for decades with modern IT solutions. We’ll be happy to give you a tour of the Systancia PAM platform.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Call +353 1 2960 560 (Dublin) +353 6140 0230 (Limerick) or reach us online.



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