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5 Dynamic Ways Citrix Can Power Your Office & Expand Your Capabilities

5 Dynamic Ways Citrix Can Power Your Office & Expand Your Capabilities

Today’s computing environment has dropped the tethers related to working at a single desktop computer located in one particular physical space. Cloud computing platforms and mobile devices have made it possible to work from anywhere and access your files whenever you like.

One platform in particular that provides a wide range of application flexibility for businesses is Citrix. From providing secure web gateways to enabling virtual desktops, the suite of offerings on Citrix can power multiple processes to expand a company’s capabilities.

FutureRange knows a thing or two about this platform because we were Ireland’s very first Citrix partner, back in 1995. Our Citrix consulting services help business achieve the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility for their strategic IT services, delivering excellent value and ever evolving capabilities.

By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will be cloud-based. (Forbes)

As on-premise workloads shrink and cloud workloads take their place, smart companies seek out cloud platforms that will perform multiple tasks and grow as technology expands. What are the key IT trends driving cloud adoption?

  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Agility
  • DevOps
  • Mobility
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Let’s take a look at Citrix and how it can positively transform your business.

What Does Citrix Do?

Citrix is a platform from which multiple IT services can be launched. It provides server, application, virtualisation, networking, Saas, and cloud services. It can do so many things that it can be difficult to define in a single sentence, but basically it offers the building blocks to power your company technology in several ways.

Their products are divided into three main computing categories:

  • Digital Workspace (including collaboration tools and workspace apps)
  • Networking (including web and server security)
  • Analytics (including data analytics with machine learning)

Now, let’s get into 5 of the biggest business solutions this platform can provide.

Key Ways to Use Citrix for Productivity, Collaboration, and More

One of the things our clients appreciate about Citrix is they can work with one platform for multiple processes instead of having to piece together different cloud vendor offerings, which can mean compatibility issues. We give them a streamlined approach that means lower costs and easier adoption, and FutureRange installs and supports the entire suite of Citrix products.

Here’s how Citrix can make your business better.

Virtual Computing with XenDesktop

Imagine freeing up your employees to work from anywhere or having two employees share the same physical computer, but each be logging into their own personal computing space.

Virtualisation is one of the newest trends in desktop computing that takes your whole computer workspace (setting, files, software) and puts in into the cloud. This means you and your staff can login to your virtual desktop from any internet connected device. This reduces IT costs and the need for more physical office space as you add staff. It also means your “computer” comes with you no matter where you go.

ShareFile for Secure Cloud-Based File Sync & Sharing

File sharing both inside and outside an organization is important, but how do you keep everything organized and also completely secure? Citrix ShareFile simplifies collaboration while also providing business-class data security for both desktop and mobile users.

Need user-based approvals for file access? Automated feedback to save time? It’s got those and much more to maximize your company’s productivity.

Manage Mobile with Citrix Endpoint Management

Most employees are using their mobile devices to access company files more often as workloads transfer from desktop and laptops to smartphones and tablets. How do you keep track of which devices have access to which data on your network?

You can easily get a handle on all your team’s mobile devices, as well as other endpoints like desktops, laptops, and IoT devices with this application. You’ll be able to do things like:

  • Securely deliver business apps to any device
  • Simplify device management by unifying control
  • Enhance productivity and security
  • Secure and manage Office 365 on mobile devices
  • Enforce data security policies

Keep Everything Flowing Smoothly with Citrix NetScaler

Delivering applications to your end users can be expensive if you’re not using a streamlined solution, like Citrix NetScaler. This application is something like a “mission control” for your entire network and allows you to:

  • Reduce the cost of delivering applications by cutting the number of servers you need.
  • Optimize web traffic and lower the amount of bandwidth needed, and the associated costs.
  • Improve the resiliency and security of your network
  • Monitor server health and make adjustments automatically
  • Prevent server attacks and data breaches

Gain Valuable Security Insights with Citrix Analytics

Every keystroke can give your organization valuable and actionable intel on your processes. Citrix Analytics can analyze user behavior over time to do things like automate security policy enforcement and reduce the chance of malware intrusions.

Analytics is like having a sentry that alerts your administrator of weak spots in your system security and how to solve them to proactively handle user and application security threats and improve app performance.

Want to Learn What Citrix Can Do for Your Business?

Interested in reducing your costs while increasing your capabilities? FutureRange can answer all your Citrix questions and tell you exactly what this platform can do for you.

Feel free to contact us anytime with queries. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have. Reach out online or call us today at +353 1 2960 560.

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