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Secure Your Logins: The Native Two-Factor Authentication Capability of Citrix NetScaler

Secure Your Logins: The Native Two-Factor Authentication Capability of Citrix NetScalerMost important corporate data is in digital format rather than paper these days, and instead of being locked in filing cabinet, it’s secured behind passwords. We use passwords to get into accounting programs, bank accounts, customer account files, and just about everything else.Yet, many companies aren’t treating their password management with the importance that correlates to them being the “keys” that unlock vital company information. Which unfortunately makes it far too easy for hackers to breach their networks.

81% of data breachesare the result of stolen or weak passwords.

The importance of credential management to cybersecurity is not lost on the makers of Citrix NetScaler, a top-rated web application delivery controller. That’s why they include a native password security in the form of support for two-factor authentication (2FA).

One of the reasons that FutureRange was the first Citrix Partnerin Ireland is the manufacturer’s commitment to providing a secure and flexible application environment. Their infrastructure makes it easy for us to support businesses of all sizes with efficient and agile solutions that help fuel their growth.

Read on to learn why all businesses should be using two-factor authentication and how the Citrix native support for 2FA works.

Why Should You Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

With over 80% of data breaches being caused by hacked or stolen passwords, finding a way to stop those breaches, can significantly increase your IT security and reduce the chance that your network will compromised.

Two-factor authentication makes it impossible for someone that has a stolen password to get into your applications by requiring a second form of authentication to grant access.

For example, if you use Office 365 and enable the 2FA, in order for your users to login, they’ll need:

  • Their name and password
  • A one-time use code that is sent to the user when they login (typically via text)

Just that one extra step of entering a time-sensitive, one-time use code, significantly decreases the chance that your network and data will be breached.

How Does Citrix NetScaler Support 2FA?

Imagine that your sales team is traveling and attending a trade show. They’re doing so well that they have visitors asking for product quotes on the spot. So, they login to your accounting platform remotely to generate a quote, but since they’re on the road, they’re using the exhibit hall’s public Wi-Fi. This gives direct access to their login password to a hacker on the same Wi-Fi, that’s been lying in wait.

This type of scenario is common, especially with today’s mobile offices needing to login to company systems remotely. What Citrix NetScaler does is support one-time passwords (OTPs) without needing to use a third-party server.

OTPs are the “one-time use code” that is sent to a user to complete a login via 2FA. Because it’s native on Citrix NetScaler, integrating it into your business application is much easier.

One of the issues with 2FA is the need to balance security with user experience. If 2FA is too difficult, frustrating, or reduces productivity companies won’t use it. The Citrix 2FA integration is designed with user experience in mind and is designed to be easy to use and take a little time to authenticate a login as possible.

Three Key Features of Two-Factor Authentication in Citrix

  • Reduced Operating Costs: Citrix NetScaler not only offers five times the application delivery performance, but because 2FA is built-in, it reduces operating costs because you don’t need an additional authentication platform.
  • Easier to Administer: The consolidated configuration makes administration easier because everything is handled in the NetScaler appliance.
  • On-Site Solution: Many two-factor authentication solutions require control to be given to a 3rdparty that is off-site. NetScaler offers complete control by keeping your 2FA solution on-premise.

Where You Can Use NetScaler 2FA

Citrix NetScaler can secure multiple areas of your technology infrastructure. The versatility of the application allows it to be used with other Citrix products as well as many third-party solutions. Here are a few examples.

Xen Desktop

If you’re using virtual desktops to facilitate mobility and reduce costs, 2FA can be enabled to ensure more secure logins.

Xen App

Secure Windows applications from hackers and ensure remote logins have essential security.

Xen Mobile

Enable 2FA for mobile devices and mobile apps to help reduce the risks associated with using smartphones and tablets to access sensitive files.


Provide audited and controlled data access, storage, and sharing either in the cloud or on-premise.

Third-Party Security Products

Enable advanced levels of system management and network protection and provide secure remote logins to security solutions.

Need Help with Citrix Solutions or 2FA?

FutureRange has been a Citrix partner since 1995 and can help you with all types of Citrix consulting solutions, including implementing two-factor authentication within Citrix NetScaler.

Would you like a secure login solution that’s also user friendly? Contact our Citrix experts anytime at +353 1 2960 560 or through our contact form.

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