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IT Managed Services

Out Sourced Service Desk

Expert Service Desk

If you are a business owner then at some point you must have considered Technical Support and Service Desk outsourcing for your company.

Although there are some benefits to having in-house staffing to field the types of phone calls and emails that come through to the Service Desk, there are a number of advantages to Technical Support and Service Desk outsourcing that you cannot afford to ignore.

For the IT Services organization, the Service Desk is the window through which their customers build their perception of the value of both the IT Services department and the people who run it. So if IT Customers are not satisfied with the service they receive at the Service Desk, then it will have a negative effect on the IT organization as a whole.

FutureRange only hires the best, our customer retention record is a testament to this. We can provide Microsoft, Citrix and Vmware certified staff for your help desk.

Lower the cost of your IT

  • No training costs
  • No office space costs
  • No holiday pay or sick leave
  • No recruitment costs

Investing in off-premise assistance for Help Desk services not only saves companies money but also creates time to invest in clients and employees.

Staff Management

  • No personnel issues
  • No need to worry about the constant ‘churn’ of personnel
  • Free up time to spend on company initiatives
  • Helpdesk available 24*7 if needed

Improved Response Time

Help desk support most often includes remote access; taking control of a computer or account without physically being at that location, to address the issue. This allows faster response time to diagnose and troubleshoot problems while saving on labor, transportation and materials. 

Reach Call Objectives Easily

Many in-house support representatives have good intentions, but lack the knowledge or experience to bring all calls to a resolution. Outsourcing to a provider with expert agents will provide a level of service that rivals or exceeds the level of customer service provided within your organization.