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6 Reasons to Consider Migrating to Office 365 for a More Productive Workflow

6 Reasons to Consider Migrating to Office 365 for a More Productive Workflow

Switching from a one-time buy software to an online subscription format can be a tough decision for any company. Some business owners think, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” But that type of thinking could be holding them back when it comes to the versatility of cloud hybrids like Office 365.

Microsoft first introduced the cloud version of their popular office productivity suite in 2011. Since that time, it’s taken the business world by storm, and in 2018 56% of offices globallyhad adopted Office 365 and its mobile-friendly platform.

Future Range has been a pioneer of IT services in Ireland and we’ve been on the front lines helping companies learn about and adopt new cloud-based technologiesto make their companies more efficient and productive.

Office 365 is perhaps one of the most impactful of these cloud solutions because it takes the core productivity tools that offices have been using for years – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook – and adds mobility, collaboration, and automation in a way that the stand-alone versions just can’t.

If you’ve been on the fence about migrating to Office 365, you’ll want to read on to learn some of the reasons you may want to take another look at converting to the cloud for your Microsoft Office programs.

Should I Switch to Office 365? Here are the Advantages

The following advantages are why many offices are finding themselves switching to the Office 365 platform and the reason more than half of companies globally are using it right now.

1. Team Collaboration

Productivity is connected to the ability to work as part of a team and have everyone on the same page. Throughout all of its applications, Office 365 makes it easier for your team to stay connected and collaborate on projects and documents in real time.

Here are some of the ways it does this:

  • Collaboration within Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams chat & sharing platform
  • Shared calendars and contacts in Outlook
  • OneDrive for easy file sharing
  • SharePoint team websites
  • Skype for Business video and voice calling

2. Increased Productivity

There are a number of ways that Office 365 can increase productivity and much of that is by connecting your team dynamically in real-time, whether they’re working at the office or remotely from another location.

Organisations with a connected team improve productivity by 20-25%.

Here are three main productivity boosters of Office 365:

Software Integration: Microsoft Teams gives your employees one integrated hub from which to launch both Microsoft and 3rdparty applications, reducing the time it takes to deploy a program.

Anytime/Anywhere/Any Device Access: The mobility in Office 365 allows you to leave off on a document on your laptop and pick right back up on it with your tablet. That mobility and flexibility gives your team fast and simple access to the programs they need whenever they need them.

Sharing & Collaboration: The team chat, easy document sharing, and in-program collaboration, all help efficiency and reduce tons of back and forth emails. Document editing and approvals can be done much more efficiently, and automated alerts put into place to let someone know when it’s “their turn” do to something.

3. Simple User Management

Having to juggle software licenses between all your company’s devices can be time consuming. With Office 365 user administration is easy and straight forward and the Microsoft programs can be set to update automatically.

Scaling up or down is also cost efficient, just add or remove a user subscription whenever you need to. The platform also includes data backup and recovery, security, and device management.

4. Use on Macs or Windows

No longer are you locked into only buying one type of computer for your employees. Because Office 365 is cloud-based, it can be accessed equally as easily from a Mac or Windows computer as well as any mobile device.

This reduces your hardware costs and makes it easier for you to work with a remote workforce because you’re not tied into one particular operating system.

5. New Ways to Communicate with Vendors & Clients

The team sites in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams collaborative chat are excellent features to keep your team connected, but they can also be used outside your organization to further supercharge your collaboration.

You can set up SharePoint sites to give specific information to clients or give vendors information they need to do business with you in an easily accessible format that can be updated quickly.

Setting up guest access to the Microsoft Teams chat interface allows you to communicate about a project much more efficiently and in a way that’s instantly accessible from multiple devices.

6. Central Storage with OneDrive

Office 365 includes OneDrive a cloud-based file storage and sharing application. This can save you money if you’re currently paying for another 3rdparty online storage platform.

A few of the nice features of OneDrive are:

  • Keyword search makes finding files easy
  • Can be used to backup files on a device
  • Sync feature ensures you always have the latest copy of a file on any device
  • Automatically backup smartphone photos and videos
  • Create sharable links to files and folders

Do You Need Help with an Office 365 Migration?

FutureRange can help make your migration to Office 365 go smoothly, ensuring all files and emails are transferred where you need them. We can also get your team up to speed on the new collaborative tools and features.

Do you have any Office 365 questions? Contact us anytime at +353 1 2960 560 or through our contact form.

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