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Unlock Your Company’s Potential & Mobilise Your Workforce with Virtual Desktops

Unlock Your Company’s Potential & Mobilise Your Workforce with Virtual Desktops

Have you ever had to work on someone else’s computer because you were away from your own? It’s rarely as easy to get around because you don’t have your programs, files or folders, and the settings aren’t what you’re used to.

Imagine if you could instantly turn that other computer into your own with a simple login. Instantly, you’d have your Windows 10 (or other OS) environment, all your folders and files, the software you use and even your email and settings.

This may have sounded fantastical a decade or so ago, but it’s now happening in offices around the world every day with the use of virtual desktops.

Virtual desktops allow you to login to your “computer” from any device – desktop, laptop, mobile – and have access to your entire desktop environment as if you were sitting in front of your computer at your office.

While mobile phones have freed us up to work on the go, they can’t really replace the functionality and working space of a desktop or laptop computer, but with virtualisation your whole computer becomes mobile too.

FutureRange provides Citrix consultancy services to multiple organisations from retail to financial to government, and more, and while they all have distinct IT needs, they also have several things in common such as requiring high levels of efficiency, agility, and manageability in their technology.

61% of surveyed managers say that companies that don’t use mobility applications are at a competitive disadvantage. (ZDNet)

Enabling more flexibility and mobility in your company has gone beyond just being a way to reduce costs to become a strategy that boosts productivity, improves customer service, and is the future norm of how offices around the world will work this century.

How Does a Virtual Desktop Work?

If you’re familiar with cloud-based programs like Office 365 or QuickBooks online, it will be easy to make the connection to how that same cloud server technology is used to create a virtual desktop.

When you’re using a virtual desktop all the programs and software that you would normally save to a computer hard drive are instead hosted on a server, accessible with an internet connection, just like cloud-software is.

Your operating system (like Windows or Linux), your software applications, email, files and everything else you normally store on a physical computer are all stored securely on a cloud server.

So, when you sit down in front of a desktop computer, or laptop, or mobile device, you simply use a browser to navigate to your login and once logged in, your entire computer environment is there. You can then expand the window and use all your files and programs as if they were on the hard drive.

Biggest Business Benefits of Using Virtual Desktops

While businesses may first be reticent to make such a dramatic change from physical desktops to virtual desktops, we find that once they’ve tried it, they are quick to adopt them for all their employees due to the multiple benefits.

Here’s an overview of the biggest advantages to companies that adopt virtual desktop technology.

Stronger Security

Workers are using an average of 2.9 devices every dayto store and access their work data. That’s a lot of desktops/laptops, smartphones, and tablets to keep track of, and each one with the potential of carrying multiple company files.

Using a virtual desktop, like Citrix’s XenDesktop, allows you to control your data because it’s not residing on all those individual devices. You can also apply intelligent security policies based on user permissions, locations, and device properties.

Save Money

The cost savings is significant when using virtual desktop technology because you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware and can still get the power you need from low-cost thin clients that will allow you to access your virtual desktop, which is running your desktop environment rather than the access point.

Businesses report lowering costs by 70% on hardware costs and no longer are locked into purchasing a specific model or type of hardware.

Flexibility and Mobility

Today’s workforce is telecommuting more thanks to technology. This also allows companies a much richer talent pool because their hiring is no longer limited by geography.

Even things as simple as needing to access your files while traveling or while working on a project from home are much easier because you can access your desktop environment from anywhere and have the comfortable working environment that you’re used to using every day.

Streamline IT Operations

Provisioning new applications on multiple physical desktops can be a time-consuming process that entails having to go separately to each device to install and configure the software.

Managing your applications on virtual desktops and provisioning new ones becomes much easier when you’re working virtually because they’re all centrally located and can be administered more easily. Provisioning software on virtual desktops offers a 90% time savings compared to traditional methods.

Schedule a Virtual Desktop Demonstration Today

Would you like to experience a virtual desktop for yourself? FutureRange would be pleased to give your office a demonstration and show you exactly how this platform could save you money and improve productivity.

Schedule your demo today by calling +353 1 2960 560 or reaching out online.

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