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7 Excellent Ways that Microsoft Teams Can Improve Office Communication & Increase Efficiency

7 Excellent Ways that Microsoft Teams Can Improve Office Communication & Increase EfficiencyLack of communication is a common reason cited for workplace inefficiencies. When everyone isn’t connected and on the same page, it can mean that mistakes happen and workflows are stalled due to a gap in communication between staff members.

In a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees, the average cost per year to a company due to inadequate team communication was $62.4 million.

Companies that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain top talent.

So, companies that facilitate good communication and collaboration between employees, can gain a real competitive advantage over their competition and significantly impact their bottom line.

As a top cloud solutions provider, FutureRange has seen multiple tools come on the market to make it easier for an office to communicate, and one of the best tools for office collaboration is Microsoft Teams.

If you work with Office 365 Business Premium or Essentials, Teams is included. If you don’t, Microsoft also offers a free version of Teams that anyone can use.

Reasons You’ll Want to Use Microsoft Teams as Your Workspace Hub

Microsoft Teams is more than just a team chat program, it has a robust interface that adds multiple tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and help you accomplish tasks faster.

In just the 2+ years since Microsoft Teams was introduced, it’s bypassed market leader Slack, and as of the end of 2018 has 21% market share, with Slack at 15%.

Here are some of the reasons that companies are switching to Teams to facilitate their communications.

Chat Beats Email for Efficiency

Organizations lose hours per week of productivity just from employees searching through email inboxes to find the most important messages and trying to avoid spam and phishing.

Microsoft Teams replaces much of your internal email communication with channel-based chats that can be organized by department, project, or any other way you find most effective for your team.

Benefits of a team-based chat over email include:

  • Faster and more responsive communications
  • Files can be easily shared without worrying about file size
  • @name mentions can quickly alert someone to an important message
  • Chat messages and attachments are easily searched by keyword
  • Communications stay organized and secure

Central Hub for Launching Apps, Webpages, and More

The Teams application is designed to act as a main workspace from which your team can launch any number of other programs. The Tabs feature allows you to create shortcuts in Teams for launching Microsoft Office programs, a wide variety of 3rd-party apps (like Trello or Salesforce), often visited websites, and files that you use regularly.

This powerful integration improves efficiency, by saving your team time looking for programs, files, etc. that they use all the time.

Add Vendors and Clients

Microsoft Teams doesn’t only facilitate your in-house communications, you can also set up specific chat channels to invite clients or vendors to connect with you.

For example, if you have a construction project you are overseeing, you could create a dedicated Microsoft Teams chat channel and invite subcontractors to help keep everyone on the same page and communicating in one central location, rather than having texts and emails going back and forth that might not be keeping everyone in the loop.

Video and Voice

You aren’t relegated to chat only with Teams, it integrates with Skype for Business so you can quickly launch a video or voice conference from within Teams, again, keeping everything efficiently in the same application.

Quick and easy video chats are a great way to keep remote workers feeling like part of the team and your sales team can also use this feature for client meetings or webinars.

Do Not Disturb & Filtering Features

When someone is getting “pinged” constantly, it’s hard to get much done and a chat program quickly becomes less efficient. This is why Microsoft Teams incorporates settings that can turn off notifications for a period of time, for example, if you’re working on a project that needs your undivided attention, and let your team members know when you’ll be available again.

Teams also has a filtering feature that allows you to sort messages that you’re called out in with your @name at the top, so you know which messages need to be addressed first.

Access from Any Computer or Mobile Device

As with many cloud-based applications, Teams is designed to be easily used from a computer desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. So, your team can communicate from whichever device is easiest for them.

This also makes it easy to access a file or important note while you’re on the road without needing to pull out a computer. The mobile interfaces are clean and easy to read and navigate.

Onboarding Made Easier

By setting up a “New Employee” channel in Microsoft Teams with pre-loaded links to the information they need to know, you can decrease the time it takes to onboard new staff members.

You can load videos, forms, and other documents, as well as give them access to a mentoring team member or HR representative so they can quickly ask questions when needed and feel like part of the team.

Learn How Team-Based Chat Can Transform Your Office

If you’ve been swimming in a sea of emails, we can help you find a better way to communicate internally that’s more productive. Contact FutureRange today to learn more about Microsoft Teams and see how well it can facilitate office collaboration.

Schedule your appointment at +353 1 2960 560 or through our contact form.

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