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GDPR Compliance Services

No matter what size your organisation, GDPR compliance and IT regulatory demands can be daunting. FutureRange offers tailored solutions for businesses of all types to help them easily handle GDPR and other data privacy compliance requirements.

Why is GDPR Compliance Important?

What is GDPR and why it is important to your organisation? This European Union data privacy directive was first put into place in May of 2018. The acronym stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it requires that any organisation handling the personal data of EU citizens following a set of standards regulating transparency, access, and security.

Personal data can include everything from a simple name and email combination to more sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and health records.

Some of the key requirements for companies in order to meet GDPR compliance are:

  • Ensure lawful, fair, and transparent personal data practices
  • Limit data use and retention
  • Adhere to the rights of the data subject
  • Adhere to best practices for data security
  • Put documented data security protocols in place
  • Report data breaches in a timely manner
  • Continually monitor and update data security practices

GDPR Services by FutureRange

Our GDPR services have been developed by a highly regarded, leading lawyer who has been providing legal regulatory and compliance services to clients, both domestic and international, since 2005. We aim to take the burden of data privacy compliance off the shoulders of our clients by offering custom solutions that provide expert compliance with minimum fuss. FutureRange gives you three customizable GDPR compliance options that are designed to fit the needs and budget of any size organisation.


Our Standard package is the perfect solution for those just starting out or for small and medium sized organisations that want a self-sufficient option. This solution gives you a great starting point for your GDPR compliance program and then allows you to take it from there.


Our most popular plan, the Gold package is used by small-medium sized enterprises and larger organisations that want to work collaboratively with FutureRange through We offer multiple tools that make compliance easier and work with you to implement them.


For larger organisations, the Platinum package is a popular option, which allows them to outsource either a small or large portion of their GDPR compliance obligations to Then we take over from there and handle everything for you.

About FutureRange

FutureRange is Ireland’s leading provider of IT managed services and multiple IT support and security services. Not only were we the very first Citrix partner in Ireland, we’ve been a technology pioneer in the region since 1995.

Our vast range experience and years of helping organisations gain the most benefit from their technology have uniquely positioned us as a trusted partner when it comes to GDPR and data privacy regulatory compliance.

Our GDPR compliance team includes leading IT and regulatory compliance professionals. By working with us, you gain the benefit of world-class regulatory compliance expertise on EU legislation and a team whose mission is to make your organisation better through expert IT solutions.

Let us ensure you’re covered when it comes to data privacy compliance.

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