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Gain Full Control of Your Corporate Logins with Citrix NetScaler nFactor

Gain Full Control of Your Corporate Logins with Citrix NetScaler nFactor

One of the biggest issues that companies face in today’s world is protection of their data. Most information these days is saved in digital format, which means all that’s protecting it is a single person’s login credentials.

Rather than having all your customer records (credit card numbers, SSN’s, etc..) locked in a safe, for most companies, they’re in a cloud-based storage system protected only by the strength of a username and password.

81% of data breaches are the fault of weak or stolen passwords.

With the advent of stronger data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, companies have realized that securing corporate logins with multi-factor authentication (MFA) can greatly increase their overall data security.

But, relying on the MFA capabilities of cloud solution providers, who all have their own system for user authentication, can be problematic and slow users down in their day-to-day workflow.

So, how does a company streamline their multi-factor authentication process so it’s consistent across multiple applications? By using a powerful tool designed to do just that – Citrix NetScaler nFactor.

Benefits of a Consistent MFA Experience through nFactor

By taking control of your user authentication, you gain important benefits that go beyond just user experience, Citrix NetScaler nFactor was designed to give you full control of your credential authentication according to factors that you don’t generally get to choose when relying on a cloud service.

For example, if you’re using the MFA for Google logins, your users will be sent a PIN to their mobile device to use with login, and that is pretty much the extent of it. But what if you want to add a longer PIN number or third step for a user that has access to more sensitive company data?

Those types of controls are available through nFactor, giving you more power to secure your data and ensure no unauthorized parties are accessing it. Here are some of the key benefits of this multi-factor authentication appliance by Citrix.

Apply as Many Factors as You Like

You don’t have to stop with two factors for authentication when using nFactor, you can add additional factors, depending upon the security you need.

For example, if a user is connecting to a company application from a location outside your office, you may want to have them go through a third authentication factor.

Factors can be applied based upon criteria such as:

  • Where the user is connecting from
  • The individual that is connecting
  • The type of device the user is connecting with
  • If user has failed authentication

Base the Next Factor on the Previous One

You can base the next authentication factor used on the result from executing the previous factor. For example, if someone successfully completes Factor #2, they might then get a prompt for Factor #3. But if they’re unsuccessful at Factor #2, you might give them a more difficult Factor #4 authentication instead.

Completely Customizable

Are users getting confused by the help text in your MFA tool? Citrix allows you to customize help text, error messages, and label names, to inform your users and include any internal company help numbers or emails they can use if they’re having trouble.

You can also customize the login page, so you could have a different one for employees than you do for your vendors.

Ability to Use Different Types of Authentication

Based upon the applications you’re using, you might want to use a token-based 2-factor authentication, certificate-based authentication and SAML all on the same virtual server. Citrix NetScaler nFactor has the flexibility to make it happen.

Domain Dropdown Configuration

If you have users logging in to NetScaler Gateway from different domains, you can create a drop down or radio buttons that allow them to choose their domain, and based upon that choice be served up a designated number of authentication factors.

Usernames Can Autofill from Previous Factor

To facilitate the authentication process, the system can pull in usernames already entered in the previous factor. For example, if a user has a corporate user certificate, the username can be pulled from that and the user then only has to fill in their password.

Authentication Streamlining

nFactor deploys a few methods to streamline your logins and make them secure, while also getting your employees on their way to their workflow. These include:

  • Extracting user group information without doing authentication
  • Configuring pass-through for an authentication factor, meaning no explicit login interaction is required to get past that factor

Choose Your Authentication Factor Order

You can configure your authentication factors in any order you like, and any of the authentication methods supported on the NetScaler appliance can be configured and ordered through nFactor however you choose.

Learn More About nFactor Authentication

FutureRange has Citrix in our DNA, so we know all of their applications inside and out. We can help your company streamline and secure your login processes using nFactor, reducing data breaches and improving credential consistency.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote at +353 1 2960 560 or through our contact form.

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