Feb 22

Usecure Webinar


Usecure is the leading Human Risk Management (HRM) that calculates, reduces and monitors human cyber risk through admin-lite automation, helping businesses reduce user-related security incidents and demonstrate compliance with a number of security standards.

By analysing each users’ security knowledge gaps and crafting personalised programs, Usecure automates ongoing training that tackles their unique risk areas, and then reinforces secure behaviour through automated phishing simulations, dark web breach monitoring and simplified policy management – all from one multi-tenanted portal.

  • The Human Challenge – Why are employees a top target for cybercriminals?
  • Why HRM is the fix – How Human Risk Management (HRM) transforms your employees into your organisation’s first line of defense.
  • Usecure’s core features – uLearn, uPhish, uPolicy & uBreach.
  • Calculate your human risk today – Start understanding your employee security posture today with a free human risk report (HRR).

Talk to our expert team in the live Q&A.

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