Feb 22

Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR Webinar: How Hackers Hack (And how to protect your business)


Cybercriminals are stealing information from hundreds of growing companies and businesses year on year. This is how professional hackers make their bread and butter. As clients become more acutely aware of this growing problem, they’re asking “What are you currently doing to protect my business?”

In response to this growing concern, FutureRange is teaming up with Barracuda Managed XDR to offer our customers a fully managed 24x7x365 Security Operation Center.

Join us on Wednesday, Nov 10th for our upcoming webinar to learn “How Hackers Hack” and how to protect your business.

We’ll be walking you through the current cyber landscape, how hackers access your network, and talking about how you can take actionable steps to get protected.

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