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Work More Efficiently on Physical and Virtual Desktops with Adaptive Workspace Management

Work More Efficiently on Physical and Virtual Desktops with Adaptive Workspace Management

A digital transformation has been happening in offices around the world to keep up with the growing need for technology to be more efficient, fluid, and adaptive. We’re seeing an uncoupling of a person’s “workspace” from a single physical computer to instead having it cloud-hosted and tied to the user login.

Cloud computing has opened up new efficiencies that save organizations time and money while also increasing productivity through the flexibility of the workspace. This is a process called Adaptive Workspace Management (AWM).

60% of enterprises are expected to transfer their IT systems to the cloud by the end of 2019. (Deloitte)

What are the key reasons to switch from a legacy, PC-oriented framework to one that’s able to deliver the same user experience across both desktops and virtual environments?

  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Ability to keep up with technology innovations
  • Flexibility of workspaces

FutureRange has always been at the forefront of IT services in Ireland, helping our clients take advantage of the tangible results innovations bring to their businesses. When it comes to AWM, we’re excited about Liquidware solutions that are helping our clients adapt to an ever-evolving IT landscape.

What is Liquidware Adaptive Workspace Management?

Liquidware is a suite of AWM solutions that work together to create the same user experience across both physical and virtual desktops. They allow companies to move past the legacy framework of provisioning PC’s to employees – with their entire workspace, files, folders, and software on that one physical device – to a more flexible and modern workspace that’s adaptive to any environment.

With the Liquidware solution, a user’s software is provisioned at the time of their login, and all their desktop, folders, settings, etc. that are normally tied to a physical device are instead hosted virtually and available when and where they need them, from any desktop or virtual environment.

The three main tools in the suite that work in concert are:

  • ProfileUnity: Creates a portable “universal” user profile that works on multiple workspace platforms
  • Stratusphere UX: Central control that allows for monitoring, diagnostics, performance validation, and optimization across multiple workspaces
  • FlexApp: Enables applications to be quickly packaged and auto-provisioned to a user on demand

How Liquidware AWM Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Removing the chains of relying on physical desktop computers and internal networking for your office to run and instead moving to a more fluid architecture, offers multiple benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of those benefits.

Hardware & Software Cost Savings

With a Liquidware environment, software, files, and other data aren’t hosted on the physical PC, instead they are hosted virtually and delivered on demand. This allows for more efficient use of resources, which reduces overhead.

For example, rather than needing to buy a software application for every PC, in case a user may need it at some point, you can host just those you need virtually, which can be provisioned on an as-needed basis, reducing excess.

Without the need to host multiple applications and files on a computer, you can opt for models that don’t require the same type of storage capacity.

More Efficient Administration

When it comes to keeping computers updated for the latest operating system or application patches, it can be a time-consuming task to go from PC to PC to ensure updates are done in a timely manner.

Using a Liquidware infrastructure allows administrative activities such as updates to be done from a central administrative panel across multiple workspace environments simultaneously.

Flexibility & Mobility

This quote from the Liquidware website illustrates the benefits of having a user workspace accessible from any device, rather than all an employee’s work product being accessed on a single computer.

“ProfileUnity has enabled substantially quicker time from login to initial application use. The solution has provided more stability and an identical end-user experience, whether they are working from one of our offices or remotely.”

More Efficient Migrations

If you’re one of the many companies that’s working through a plan to upgrade to Windows 10 from the soon to be retired Windows 7, using Adaptive Workspace Management is going to save you a lot of time and lost productivity.

Typically, when you’re working with a legacy system and need to migrate data during an operating system upgrade, the user can’t be working at their PC during the transition. With the portable nature of Liquidware’s Profile Unity, a user’s profile is stored separately from the OS, so they can continue working while an upgrade is happening and once complete, the profile made compatible with the newer operating system.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Administrators can easily monitor and receive reporting across physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted workspaces, which allow them better visibility into user experience and security of the entire IT infrastructure.

You can also leverage a user-centric performance metric to “drill down into the positive” and improve performance across your organization.

Ask Us About a Liquidware Test Drive Today

See what the future of workspace management looks like by requesting a test drive of Liquidware today. Our team at FutureRange can answer all your questions and show you how virtual workspaces can transform your office and improve efficiency.

Contact us today to get started at +353 1 2960 560 or reach out online.

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