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8MAN Access Rights Management

Access Rights Management

8MAN technology ensures that the IT systems of companies, associations and public authorities becomes more secure by offering an easy to understand display of access rights on Active Directory, file servers, SharePoint, Exchange and vSphere. Based on our patented technology, 8MAN guarantees complete transparency and efficiency by means of information, documentation, delegation and administration of access rights and usage of company critical data. In this regard, concentrating on the essentials with a strong focus on customer needs are what differentiates the solution from other IT products in this segment.

The technology and all of its parts are developed in-house in Berlin, in close co-operation with customers & partners like FutureRange. 8MAN combines proven technology with 8MATE GrantMA, a web based workflow extension for access rights management.

8MATE GrantMA completes the integrated solution and provides employees with a self-service portal for ordering access rights that are then authorised and documented in an audit-proof manner.

Why 8MAN

8MAN is innovation that stems from practical work

8MAN was created from customer requests. Our features and their implementation are based on the input of over 700 companies throughout the world. Requests for product extensions or improvements arise from practical work and flow directly into our regular updates. With a growing number of add-on modules, the 8MATES, you are optimally equipped for the future.


8MAN is stable, fast and light on resources

With its stable multilayer architecture, 8MAN can scan gigantic quantities of data in a short time. Therefore 8MAN is suitable for both small companies and for enterprise groups with a great number of users and file servers. 8MAN runs without a heavy demand on resources: The server load during operation is minimal.