Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security

About Heimdal Security

Part of the best in the Cyber Threat space

Heimdal Security is part of Gartner’s selected 25 on Cyber Threat intelligence and part of the best in cyber protection. We deliver market-leading threat intelligence to organizations and users who trust us around the world through the Heimdal suite.

Developed by world champions

The Heimdal Security software was developed in 2011 by the 19th and 20th Team Defcon CTF World Champions in hacking. Heimdal is now used to protect organizations and users across the world against advanced attacks, wherever they may go.

Driven by experienced market experts

Since its incorporation in early 2014, Heimdal has been driven by experts in cyber-security. This includes specialists from security organizations such as BitDefender, BullGuard and Secunia. We are now one of the world’s fastest growing security platform.

Why Heimdal ?

  1. Patches 99,5% of security-critical software

Heimdal patches Java 7 / 8, Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Flash, Quicktime, VLC Player, Silverlight and many other applications, covering 99% of security-critical software apps. Heimdal works automatically and silently, without interruptingng the user.

  1. Traffic scanning to block malicious traffic

Dangerous Internet traffic can be used to infect your workstations and network. This makes scanning and blocking malicious web traffic a core security component. Heimdal protects your workstations against cyber-attacks and infected servers, domains and websites, while also ensuring a safeguard against data leakage

  1. Supplement for Antivirus, which is reactive

Anti-virus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at Internet traffic. Therefore, what Heimdal covers and antivirus products cover varies greatly.
Heimdal prevents cyber criminals from taking data from your workstations and moving it out of your network.

Heimdal works to compliment Anti-Virus

Even adds to leading protection

Antivirus products and Heimdal complement each other very well, because they address different endpoint security aspects.

Today’s leading antivirus products offer great signature and file based scanning, with firewall and phishing protection, but they are still different from Heimdal.

Works with any antivirus

Heimdal works with any antivirus engine on the market. The combined protection you receive will vary according to the engines you use, but Heimdal will always add traffic-based protection against new 2nd generation attacks, whereas no antivirus product is able to intercept these attacks. Essentially adding a second layer of security to you network.

What is the difference?

The key difference between Heimdal and Antivirus products: Heimdal focuses on the communication from and to the PC to combat and detect incoming 2nd generation malware, combined with patching to close security gaps used by attackers. In unison, Heimdal offers cutting edge protection for endpoints.

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